Scar revision

Scar formation is a normal part of wound healing following injury or surgery.

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    Most scars become less noticeable as they mature and their colour begins to fade. Plastic surgeons place incisions in discrete sites such as the folds and creases, to help hide the scars.

    Unfortunately, some scars can remain unsightly or disfiguring especially if in an area in plain sight. This can psychological distress as well as functional issues.

    Abnormal scarring such as hypertrophic or keloid scarring, where the scars are unusually thickened and itchy, tend to be determined more by a patients age and genetics.

    There are different treatment options to improve the appearance of scars and Mr Ridha will discuss the risks and benefits of each modality appropriate for your scar. These include:

    • Simple topical treatments
    • Minimally invasive procedures such as steroid injections
    • Surgical scar revision, which may vary simple excision to more advanced techniques in wound closure