Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’ is a procedure that corrects and improves the aesthetics and/or function of the nose.

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    Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose to address any areas of disproportion thereby creating facial harmony.

    In non-surgical or liquid rhinoplasty, temporary fillers are used to correct any contour irregularities or improve the shape. This is performed as an outpatient procedure, requires minimal recovery and delivers immediate results.

    Surgical rhinoplasties can be broadly divided into open or closed. The technique selected depends on the complexity and the part of the nose to be addressed.

    During the consultation, Mr Ridha will take his time to understand the improvements you wish to make to your nose and will further examine your nose to assess it’s function and features. He will then create a personalised treatment plan, which aims to address your concerns whilst creating a proportioned nose in harmony with your face.

    Duration of surgery

    2 - 3 hours


    General anaesthetic

    Hospital stay

    0 - 1 Night


    7-10 days off work
    1 week