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As we get older we tend to lose volume in certain areas of our face resulting in an aged look. These changes manifest as fine lines, deep folds and hollowing. We also may have areas of asymmetry or contour irregularities, which may be present from birth or have developed in life. Filler treatments involve injecting natural substances under or into the skin to correct wrinkles, address areas of hollowness and replace lost volume. This revitalises the skin, restores volume and enhances facial features.

Filler substances used are broadly divided into permanent and non-permanent.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the commonly used facial filler. The filler is an injectable gel used to restore lost volume, enhance facial features, and smooth out wrinkles and deep folds. The commonly treated areas include the temples, cheeks, tear troughs and lips.

The hyaluronic acid filler is temporary as your body breaks down the substance naturally over time, between 8 and 24 months depending on the particular type of product used. The treatment will, therefore, need to be repeated.

Mr Ridha will carry out a detailed assessment of your face and will formulate a treatment plan to achieve your goals and desires. The procedure is performed in outpatients with instant results and minimal recovery time.

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Permanent Fillers

The commonly used permanent filler is fat. Fat transfer also is known as ‘fat grafting’ or ‘lipomodelling’ is a procedure whereby autologous fat (fat from one’s own body) is removed from an area where there is excess and then carefully injected into specific targeted areas. This technique is extremely useful to augment an area or correct contour irregularities.

The fat is harvested in a similar manner to liposuction, from the designated ‘donor area’. The fat is then processed and purified before it is transferred to the desired area. The designated ‘donor site’ is predetermined with you, and is normally an area where you feel there is excess fat which has been resistant to reduction through diet and exercise. Mr Ridha’s fat-grafting treatment provides the advantage of combining fat reduction as well as a body enhancement all under one procedure.

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