Neck lift

As we age our skin progressively loses its elasticity, our muscles lose their tone and as a consequence, the skin and fat in our neck begins to sag and droop. Contributing factors include our genetics, sun exposure and smoking.

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    The formation of deep lines weakened muscles and sagging skin under and around the jaw line may cause the appearance of a “turkey neck” and/or “neck bands”. A neck lift will effectively restore the contour of the jaw and neckline as well as remove the loose skin.

    The procedure involves tightening the underlying muscle layer and removal of any excess fat and skin, through incisions placed behind the ear and in the hairline. The procedure is sometimes combined with liposuction to help further contour the neck and jawline.

    Each patient is unique and Mr Ridha will take his time to listen and understand your desires before formulating a treatment plan to achieve your objectives.

    Duration of surgery

    1 - 2 hours


    General or local anaesthetic

    Hospital stay

    0 - 1 day


    1 week off work