Brow lift

As we age we develop lines in our forehead and the position of our eyebrows begin to sag. This can result in a fatigued, angry or worrisome appearance that can be especially frustrating when it contradicts the emotion we wish to project. A more youthful appearance can be restored with a brow lift.

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There are different methods of improving the position of the brow and the appearance of the forehead. These include, non surgical methods (filler and anti-wrinkle treatment) or surgical. The surgical methods include direct, open and endoscopic brow lift. Through hidden incisions the brow is elevated to a more aesthetically pleasing position.

During the consultation Mr Ridha will carry out a careful and detailed assessment and discuss the various treatment options that will capture your ideals.

Duration of surgery

1 - 2 hours


General or local anaesthetic

Hospital stay

0 - 1 day


Up to 1 week off work