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Mastopexy Surgery, commonly known as a breast uplift is a transformative, aesthetic breast surgery that has gained significant attention for its ability to rejuvenate one’s appearance.

At HR Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your own skin. Our specialised team is dedicated to providing personalised Mastopexy Surgery, ensuring each patient receives the highest standard of care.

If you’re considering a breast uplift, contact us to discuss how we can assist in achieving your aesthetic goals.

What is Mastopexy Surgery

Mastopexy Surgery, or breast uplift, is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting sagging breasts. Over time, factors such as ageing, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations can lead to a loss of breast firmness and elasticity.

This procedure elevates and reshapes the breasts, offering a more youthful and perky appearance. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a natural breast uplift without the addition of breast implants.

Benefits of Mastopexy Surgery

Several benefits can be experienced after having this surgery:

  • Improved Breast Shape: Mastopexy Surgery enhances the overall shape of the breasts, making them appear more rounded and youthful.
  • Breast Firming: This procedure tightens the breast tissue, resulting in firmer breasts.
  • Correction of Sagging: It effectively addresses sagging breast issues, lifting them to a more aesthetically pleasing position.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Many patients report a boost in self-esteem and confidence following their breast uplift.
Mastopexy Surgery

Mastopexy Surgery: Perky breast surgery to restore your youthful perky breasts.

Mastopexy Surgery

A Mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed to remove excess skin and reshape the breasts and is often sought by individuals looking to enhance or restore their breast size and contour.

Risks of Mastopexy Surgery

Like any surgical procedure, Mastopexy Surgery carries certain risks. It’s important to be aware of these to make an informed decision:

  • Scarring: Current surgical techniques aim to minimise scarring as well as place scars in discrete areas of the breast where they are not easily visible.
  • Changes in Nipple or Breast Sensation: Some patients may experience temporary or, in rare cases, permanent changes in sensation post-surgery.
  • Potential Asymmetry: Although the goal is symmetrical results, there’s a slight risk of minor asymmetry between the breasts.

Discuss these risks with our surgeon at HR Plastic Surgery to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding before proceeding.

How is Mastopexy Surgery Performed?

Nipple Mastopexy Surgery at HR Plastic Surgery is a meticulous process, tailored to each patient’s needs, from initial consultation to full recovery.


Before surgery, patients undergo a detailed consultation to discuss goals, expectations, and any pre-operative preparations. This includes a thorough medical evaluation to ensure suitability for the procedure and to tailor the surgery to the patient’s unique and desires.


The procedure involves removing excess breast skin and reshaping the breast tissue. The nipple and areola are often repositioned to complement the new breast shape. Advanced surgical techniques are employed to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing result while prioritising patient safety.


Immediately following the surgery, patients will receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. Our team at HR Plastic Surgery provides continuous support and guidance, addressing any concerns that may arise post-operatively.


Recovery varies per individual but typically involves rest and limited activity to allow the body to heal properly. Patients are advised on specific recovery protocols, including care for surgical sites, pain management, and when normal activities can be resumed.

Before and After images

Review the successful results achieved by our actual patients to see the transformative effects of Mastopexy Surgery performed at HR Plastic Surgery. These images showcase the expertise and care we provide in achieving natural and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Do these photos remind you of your case?
You can get similar results or better.


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Breast Lift at a Glance

Surgery Time

1-2 hours

Time off work

1-2 weeks

Hospital Stay

Day Case


Day 1

Reasonable Mobility

Reasonable Mobility




After 6 weeks

bras garments

Bras & Garments

Support bra worn day and might 6 weeks

Suture Removal

Sexual Activity

After 4 weeks

sleeping on back

Sleeping on back

Recommended for 2 weeks

Full Recovery

Full Recovery

6 weeks



After 2 weeks

Patient Reviews

Cost of Breast Uplift Mastopexy Surgery

The total breast lift cost is dependent on your breast shape, the degree of droop and the desired results.

We recommend that you book an initial consultation with Mr Ridha, and following his assessment and discussion of your desired aesthetic outcome, an accurate cost can be provided to achieve your goals.

For more information on our pricing, please get in touch with our team and we’ll gladly discuss your option

Why Choose Us for Your Mastopexy Surgery

At HR Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our commitment to patient care and satisfaction. Our team of experts and our highly skilled surgeon Mr Hyder Ridha specialises in Mastopexy Surgery, as well as breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation), ensuring that each patient receives a tailored approach for the best possible results.

Choose us for a professional, compassionate, and dedicated journey towards achieving your desired breast appearance.

Want to see your new you before the procedure?

With Crisalix’s 3D imagine technology you can see how you would look post-procedure in 3D.

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How to schedule a consultation

To book an appointment with Mr Ridha to discuss your breast surgery procedure, please give us a call at + 020 3907 6830, email us at, or book online via our website.

If you would like to experience how you could look post-surgery, you can book a 3D consultation on our website, where you can see your potential after the results in 3D.

Our Locations

We are conveniently located in four hospitals throughout London and Hertfordshire.
Find us here:

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Pinehill Hospital – Benslow Ln, Hitchin SG4 9QZ

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If you still have some questions on breast lift with implants, below you can find our most frequently asked questions:

It is not uncommon for a breast lift patient to feel pain and discomfort for the first few days post-surgery. The breasts will also mildly swell. Medication will be prescribed to assist with pain management for the first few days.

It typically takes about 6 weeks to fully recover from breast lift surgery and to return to all normal activities and exercise. During the first week, patients will need to take time off work, but are fully mobile and are able to perform normal activities of daily living.

Breast lift results are not permanent, as unfortunately breasts may again droop and sag with age and weight change. This will vary between ladies. In some patients, a repeat procedure may be required depending on the degree of recurrent droop and her desires.

Breast lift surgery is generally considered a safe procedure but complications, although rare, can occur, such as bleeding, infections and nipple loss. It is important to be aware of the complications before deciding to go ahead with this surgery.

This surgery does leave breast lift scars, but skilled surgeons are able to carefully make the incisions to hide them as much as possible.

As the surgery does involve manipulating the breast tissue, there is a possibility that breastfeeding will be affected by mastopexy. However, the percentage of women who cannot breastfeed following this type of surgery is the same as the percentage of women who cannot breastfeed despite not having had any surgery on their breasts.

It’s possible to undergo Mastopexy Surgery after breast cancer treatment. However, it’s essential to consult with our specialists at HR Plastic Surgery to evaluate your specific circumstances and ensure the procedure aligns safely with your health and recovery status.

This article is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. It is aimed at presenting a perspective only and is not a substitute for a clinical assessment. Anyone experiencing a medical condition should consult their doctor.

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How to schedule a consultation

To book a breast lift appointment with Mr Ridha, please contact us at one of the following:

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