Breast implant removal and/or revision

The vast majority of ladies who have had their breasts enlarged with implants are delighted. However, some women may elect to have further surgery to their breasts for a variety of reasons.

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    These include:

    • A desire for a change in volume – Some ladies may want to change their implant size to a larger or smaller volume as they feel appropriate for their age or change in body shape. This includes a desire to have the implants simply removed.
    • Shape changes – Augmented breasts, like natural breasts, can change shape with the passage of time. This may result in a less attractive aesthetic appearance warranting revision surgery. Possible procedures include implant removal, exchange of the implants, an uplift, fat grafting or a combination of procedures.
    • Capsular contracture – In every lady who has a breast implant a layer of scar tissue, known as a capsule, forms around the implant. This is normally thin and barely perceptible. However, in a small percentage of women, the capsule can contract and thicken making the breast feel firmer, sometimes tender, as well as changing its shape. In such cases the implants may need to be removed or exchanged as well as capsule removal (capsulectomy) or release (capsulotomy).

    Mr Ridha will listen to your concerns and desires and after a careful examination will make a tailored plan to meet your objectives.

    Want to see your new you before the procedure? 

    With Crisalix's 3D imagine technology you can see how you would look post-procedure in 3D.

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