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Are you struggling to achieve the contoured waistline you desire? Despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, stubborn fat deposits around the flanks can be resistant to traditional weight loss methods.

Fortunately, flank liposuction offers a solution that can help you achieve a slimmer and more sculpted figure.

At HR Plastic Surgery we offer Flank Liposuction. London and Hertfordshire residents can contact us for more information.

What is Flank Liposuction?

Flank liposuction, also known as love handle liposuction, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat from the flanks or love handles.

These areas are notorious for storing stubborn fat that can be challenging to eliminate through diet and exercise alone.

Flank liposuction effectively targets and removes these fat deposits, resulting in a more streamlined waistline and improved body proportions.

Reasons for Choosing Flank Liposuction

There are several reasons why a patient may consider a flank liposuction procedure, some include:

  • Providing a solution for those who have been unable to achieve their desired waistline through traditional weight loss methods
  • Can help individuals regain self-confidence and enhance body image
  • A popular choice for individuals who have undergone significant weight loss or want to address the natural aging process
flank liposuction
Body contouring procedures such as flank liposuction can give you the wait line your desire.
flank liposuction
Get the shapely waist you have always wanted with flank liposuction.

Benefits of Flank Liposuction

The following are just some of the benefits that can be experienced with a flank liposuction procedure:

  • Precisely removes fat from the flanks, enhancing body contour
    Increases self-confidence & self-image
  • Customised to each patient’s unique needs & desired outcomes
  • Long-lasting results
    Promotes better-fitting clothing
  • Enhances overall body proportions
  • Motivates individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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The Flank Liposuction Procedure

During the flank liposuction procedure, several key steps are followed to ensure the safe and effective removal of excess fatty tissue from the flanks:

Under anaesthesia (either general or local with sedation), small incisions are made.
A tumescent solution, a mix of saline, local anaesthetic, and adrenaline, is injected to reduce bleeding and discomfort.

Using a cannula connected to a suction device, the surgeon can remove fat, creating symmetrical and natural-looking results. The incisions are then closed with sutures, and post-operative care instructions are provided to support healing and reduce swelling

At HR Plastic Surgery, Mr Hyder Ridha will discuss the details of the procedure with you during your initial consultation to ensure that you fully understand the process and have realistic expectations for the results.

Recovery and Aftercare

Following the surgeon’s instructions will be important to ensure optimal recovery, which may include wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling and provide support to the treated area.

Pain management techniques may be recommended, and it is important to keep the incision sites clean to minimise the risk of infection. Blood thinning medications may be prescribed for patients susceptible to blood clots.

Resting and avoiding strenuous activities during the initial recovery period is advised. It will be important to attend follow-up appointments that allow the surgeon to monitor progress and provide further guidance.

By following the recommended recovery and aftercare guidelines, patients can ensure a smoother recovery and enhance the outcome of their flank liposuction procedure.

Flank liposuction recovery and aftercare

After a love handle lipo procedure, it will be important to follow recovery instructions carefully to ensure the best outcome

Risks and Complications

  • It is important to note that while the following risks exist, they are generally rare and can be minimised by selecting a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon and following the pre and post-operative instructions diligently.
    Infection at the incision sites
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Hematoma accumulation of blood beneath the skin)
  • Seroma (accumulation of fluid beneath the skin)
  • Irregular contour or asymmetry
  • Changes in skin sensation (numbness, tingling, hypersensitivity)
  • Scarring
  • Risks associated with anaesthesia (adverse reactions, breathing difficulties)
  • Formation of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism)

Consulting with a qualified professional will allow for a comprehensive assessment of individual risks and potential complications.

Love Handle Liposuction Before and After

Review some of the results experienced by our patients.

Flank Liposuction Cost in London and Hertfordshire

Love handle liposuction cost can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the procedure, the patient’s desired outcome and any additional services or facilities provided.

At HR Plastic Surgery, we believe in providing transparent pricing and flexible payment plans to help make this surgery more accessible and affordable for our patients.

During your initial consultation, our team will discuss the cost of the procedure and the available financing options. You can find more information on our pricing and payment plans page.

Schedule a Consultation for Flank Liposuction, in London and Hertfordshire

Should you feel this to be a surgery you would like to explore further, the first step will be to schedule a consultation.

At HR Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our compassionate and patient-centred approach to care.

During your consultation, our surgeon will discuss your goals and concerns, assess your suitability for flank liposuction surgery, and recommend the most appropriate surgical technique to achieve your desired outcome.

To book a consultation with us, please call us at 020 3907 6830, email us at, or book online via our website.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your consultation for flank liposuction surgery in London and Hertfordshire, you can expect the following:

  • Comprehensive Care: the surgeon will carefully monitor each step of the procedure to ensure that you get the highest quality outcome and the best possible patient experience.
  • Personalised Evaluation: the surgeon will assess your individual needs, expectations, and physical condition to determine the most appropriate surgical techniques.
  • Informative Consultation: they will provide detailed information about the procedure, offering useful insights to help you make an informed choice.
  • Customised Procedure: Your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes, catering to your specific goals.
  • Compassionate Support and Care: they will guide and support you throughout the entire process, ensuring the best possible outcome and an exceptional patient experience.

Choose Us For Your Love Handle Liposuction, London & Hertfordshire

Trust HR Plastic Surgery for your flank liposuction needs in London and Hertfordshire. Our experienced plastic surgeon will prioritise personalised care and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

With state-of-the-art techniques and a commitment to patient satisfaction and safety, we ensure a comfortable and supportive environment throughout your entire journey.

From the initial consultation to post-operative care, our dedicated team will be by your side, addressing your unique needs and providing the highest quality of care. Experience natural-looking results and regain your self-confidence with HR Plastic Surgery.

To book a consultation with us, please call us at 020 3907 6830, email us at, or book online via our website.

Our Lead Surgeon

Mr Hyder Ridha – Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

Experience the expertise of Mr Hyder Ridha, a well-known consultant plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon. With an educational background from the prestigious Royal Free and University College London Medical Schools, Mr Ridha graduated with distinction (MB BS) in 2003.

His extensive knowledge is further enhanced by a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy and Developmental Biology.

Our Locations

We are conveniently located in four hospitals throughout London. Find us here:

One Hatfield Hospital – Hatfield Ave, Hatfield AL10 9UA
Pinehill Hospital – Benslow Ln, Hitchin SG4 9QZ

Spire Harpenden Hospital –
Ambrose Ln, Harpenden AL5 4BP

OSD Healthcare –
One Medical House, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7YU


If you still have some questions, below you can find our most frequently asked questions:

The cost of flank liposuction in London and Hertfordshire can vary depending on factors such as the extent of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience, and the specific clinic. On average, the cost can range from £3,000 to £6,000 or more. It is recommended to consult with a plastic surgery clinic to get an accurate quote based on your individual circumstances.

During flank liposuction, local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia is used to ensure a pain-free experience during the procedure. Some discomfort and soreness can be expected during the recovery period, which can be managed with prescribed pain medications. However, pain tolerance varies among individuals.

Flanks liposuction procedures can be done with ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), traditional liposuction, or Vaser liposuction.

It will ultimately depend on individual factors and preferences. UAL utilises ultrasound energy to break down fat cells, traditional liposuction involves manual fat removal, and Vaser liposuction combines ultrasound technology with traditional liposuction.

The most suitable technique should be determined based on specific needs, desired results, and the advice of an experienced plastic surgeon. These techniques can also be used for other body contouring procedures.

Flank liposuction primarily focuses on removing excess fat from the flanks and can improve the contour of the waistline. However, if loose skin and sagging are significant concerns, additional procedures such as a tummy tuck may be recommended to address the abdominal muscles, excess skin, and surrounding tissue, providing a more comprehensive transformation.

This article is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. It is aimed at presenting a perspective only and is not a substitute for a clinical assessment. Anyone experiencing a medical condition should consult their doctor.

How to schedule a consultation

To book a thigh lift consultation with Mr Ridha, please call us on 020 3907 6830,
email us at, or book online via our website.

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