40 year old mother of 2 was unhappy with her breasts as she felt they had become deflated and droopy post pregnancy. She underwent a mastopexy procedure to lift and reshape her breast whilst maintaining the volume. Preoperative and 6 week postoperative photographs shown.

54 year old mother of 1 presented with an excess amount of loose abdominal tissue creating an overhang as well as a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles. She underwent an abdominoplasty, rectus abdominus divarication repair and liposuction to the flanks. Preoperative and 8 week postoperative photographs shown.

31 year old mother of 3 presented with excess lower abdominal skin, a central bulge due to separation of her abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus divarication) and a hernia close to her naval. She underwent an abdominoplasty which included a rectus divarication repair and a hernia repair. Preoperative and 3 month postoperative photographs showing a flat abdomen and improved abdominal contour with no remnant bulge.

55 year old lady presented with an overhang of abdominal tissue exacerbated by her c-section scars and rectus divarication. Underwent an abdominoplasty and divarication repair. Preop and 6 month postop photos showing a flat abdominal with improved abdominal wall contour

Pictures of 53 yr old. Had an overhang after her 3 pregnancies and tethered appendicectomy scar Muscles not separated. Had an abdominoplasty. Pictures preop and after 6 months.

38 year old mother of 2 was unhappy with the appearance of her abdomen following her pregnancies. She underwent and abdominoplasty with repair of the rectus divarication and liposuction to the flanks to improve the contour of her abdomen. Preoperative and 3 year postoperative photographs showing her long term result.

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